Our company is active in the field of lifesaving and rescue services. Ensuring excellent Health and Safety conditions in the workplace is a primary objective and commitment of ACTION CLUB IKE. Recognizing that our human resources are our most important and valuable asset, the company provides a healthy and safe working environment by developing and implementing practices and systems tailored to the risks associated with our business activities.
The successful implementation of our policy is the responsibility of all employees regardless of the work they perform or the position they hold at ACTION CLUB IKE. 
The Company’s policy on the Health and Safety of its staff consists of the following:

  • To provide an appropriate working environment and safe working conditions to avoid and prevent injuries and occupational diseases and encourage subcontractors and partners to do the same
  • To provide the framework for setting objectives and targets for the health and safety of workers
  • To monitor and implement regulatory and legislative requirements relevant to the health and safety of workers
  • To take all necessary measures to prevent, reduce and eliminate risks and threats to health and safety in the company’s workplaces
  • To seek continuous improvement in the procedures, work instructions and H&S practices applied in the workplace
  • To encourage consultation with and participation of employees in matters relating to occupational health and safety
  • To seek continuous improvement in the company’s performance in implementing the H&S System
  • To implement a programme of continuous training of staff on H&S and good practice (use of PPE etc.)
  • To have resources to ensure a safe working environment.

For the implementation of the Policy and the achievement of the objectives ACTION CLUB IKE:

  1. It has adopted an Occupational Health & Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001:2018, which is applied to all the company’s activities that affect the health and safety of employees. The HSE Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through inspection, assessment and review programs.
  2. Identifies, assesses and minimizes risks associated with the company’s activities that may cause injury or illness.
  3. Encourages the participation of its employees in the process of seeking effective methods to identify, evaluate and eliminate or mitigate workplace hazards.
  4. Provides training and supervision on health and safety issues, such as safe work practices and emergency procedures, to enhance the understanding of occupational hazards by its own employees and those of its subcontractors.
  5. Ensures that all employees, Partners, Subcontractors and visitors understand and apply ACTION CLUB IKE’s standards , regulations and health and safety policy in the workplace.
  6. Ensures financial resources are available for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Health & Safety System implemented by the company.
  7. Implements procedures for the analysis and evaluation of all accidents and incidents related to workplace safety as part of a comprehensive Management Program.

The continuous improvement of the operation and efficiency of the company and the Occupational Health & Safety Management System as well as our compliance with the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements for HSE is a commitment of the company’s Management and is based on the active participation and support of all employees.